I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and graphic designer from Bergamo, Italy. I graduated in 2020 at the University of Arts London, where I attended a Design for Art Direction BA degree at the London College of Communication.

During my first year of university,  the evolution of the Brexit discussion and occurence right in front of my eyes, leaving me extremely perplexed and Keen on exploring how to scatter/spread a stronger sense of mindful belonging to the European construction.

Since this very moment, most of my researches and

experimentations as an artist have  verged  around the urge to fill what I like to call,

the European Union iconographic deficit.

I believe that despite the numerous achievements brought by The European Integration process, the scarcity of a bold and vibrant EU visual language is undermining the development of a proud and genuine sense of belonging by citizens towards the European project, especially for young generations.

My work focus on the fluidity and playfulness of the european dream, picturing complex societal visions of what identity is and represent, while supporting the discussion on polarizing policies through a strong, whimsical, vivacious and sometimes humorous graphic motif.

Filling the gap between the seemingly burocratic Union architecture and the European citizenship represents a long-going structural debate to support more representative and inclusive policy-making processes. As the solution to this factual democratic deficit needs to start locally, I have decided to contextualize my art in the need to uplift the conversation on what the European construction represents and in the ways through which it can be proactively debated to support the fundamentals values and principles of our society.

I am pursuing this purpose also by channeling my expertise as a freelance graphic designer and art director toward projects as the Movimento Federalista Europeo in Pavia and the Union of European Federalists in Brussels.

My most recent exhibition titled “Figli delle Stelle - Bergamo per l’Europa” showcased some of the EU themed artpieces I have been working on during the past years. On the side, the exhibition also featured some artworks coming from design focused high school students of Bergamo. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with the Bergamo City Council, the European Federalist Movement and in partnership with the European Commission.






Figli delle Stelle, Bergamo, Sala delle Ex Scuderie

07/05 → 22/05 solo art exhibition (2022) 


Brexit: we don’t know her, City of London

31/10 → 01/1, independent solo art exhibition (2019)


O, London College of Communication Studio

08/03 → 11/03, exhibiting artist group show (2018)